ANN: Kaa 0.8

Hans Nowak
Sun, 27 Oct 2002 16:04:52 GMT

This is Kaa 0.8, a weblogging tool written in Python. Some data:

- it's client-based
- based on Gadfly database
- aimed at (Python) programmers (although anybody can use it)
- uses Python 2.2 (but older versions may work as well)
- released under the GPL

What can it do?

- one-click publishing: save, post, publish
- create archives per day, week, month, entry, N days, N entries
- use categories; archive per category
- use embedded Python code in templates and entries
- simple HTML macro system (more to come)
- generate custom pages (experimental)
- define your own buttons for common text editing features

So, what's the catch?

This is a 0.x version and can hardly be called "stable". Kaa works, in fact, I
write my own weblog with it, but there may be hidden bugs, and many things may
change at will in future versions. In other words, feel free to use it, but be
aware that this is not a finished product.

I'd like to receive comments, tips, bug reports, patches, ideas, etc. What
features would you like to see in a weblogging tool? What can be improved? How
can I make it more user-friendly? Etc.

Download the latest version at

More information:

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