ANN: PythonCard 0.6.9

Kevin Altis
Mon, 28 Oct 2002 08:38:59 -0800

PythonCard is a GUI construction kit for building cross-platform desktop
applications on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

Release 0.6.9 includes over 30 sample applications and four tools to help
users build applications in Python: codeEditor, findfiles, resourceEditor,
and textEditor. A list of changes since release is at the end of
this message.

All the information you need about PythonCard can be found on the project
web page at:

The installation instructions and walkthroughs are available on the main
documentation page:

Remember to backup or just delete your old PythonCardPrototype directory
before installing a new version, so that the old files aren't still in the
package directory. If you want to keep any of your userdata.txt or other
configuration files (stc-styles.user.rc.cfg,,
etc.), back those up prior to doing the install, and then copy the files
back afterwards. If you installed a previous version of PythonCard on
Windows using the binary installer, then you should be able to remove the
old package via the Add/Remove Programs Control Panel.

The distutils installer will put the framework, components, docs, samples,
and tools in Python22\Lib\site-packages. Of course, on Linux and Mac OS X
that path will be slightly different and have forward slashes.

You can download the latest release at:

For a list of some of the samples that have been built with PythonCard and
screenshots of them in action go to:
A description of each sample is included in the readme.txt file in each
sample directory.

The kind people at SourceForge host the project:

If you want to get involved the main contact point is the Mailing list:

PythonCard requires Python 2.1.x (2.2.2 recommended) or later and wxPython or later ( recommended). wxPython can be downloaded at

Kevin Altis

--- changelog since release, 2002-07-17

Release 0.6.9 2002-10-23
added Thomas Heller's script
  to create links under Windows
added columnClick event to MultiColumnList
added line and column display to statusbar in codeEditor
added methods to graphic.Bitmap and BitmapCanvas classes
  to better support wxBimtap, wxImage and PIL
updated webserver sample to run CGIs on Linux
  and Mac OS X; CGIs are no longer run as user 'nobody'
added font utility functions to module
made resource argument optional for CustomDialog class
added strings to dialog resources
switched RadioGroup vertical and horizontal orientation
added childWindow function to simplify loading windows
added file_upload to webserver sample
fixed label attribute in StaticBox
Thomas Heller refactored the resourceEditor widget resizing
runtime Property Editor fixes
added jabberChat sample
added code to disconnect wxEVT_KILL_FOCUS in WidgetDict
  to avoid hard crashes with wxPython 2.3.3
updated with IE POST fixes and other Python
  lib changes
added Robin Dunn's and replacement StaticText
  component to the resourceEditor appcomponents
fixed Scriptlets run code in textEditor to match codeEditor
added dialog docs
updated shell docs
appled Tim Peters suggestions for sorting in flatfileDatabase
  for a roughly 5x sort time improvement
added auto-rotation of images in pictureViewer and slideshow
  using and rotate90 method of the Bitmap class
added by Gene Cash
fixed typos in scriptlet and scriptlet
  execution in textEditor
fixed wxTAB_TRAVERSAL in panel
switched back to a plain list in
fixed missing webbrowser import in companies sample