ANN: lfm 0.9

Iņigo Serna
04 Sep 2002 19:48:14 +0200

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After 6 months since last release, I bring you a new version (0.9) of lfm.
Read more and download it in next link:

lfm is a 'midnight commander'-clone written in Python and licensed under
GNU Public License. It should work on any UNIX with a modern (n)curses
library and Python curses module compiled in. See README file or visit
the web page for more information.=20

Changes since version 0.8:=20

Version 0.9 ("...and the day arrived") - 2002/09/05:

  + ZIP files can be un/compressed now. ZIP vfs works too
  + added 'rebuild vfs' and 'rebuild_vfs' question / option. Configurable.
    There is no need to wait until vfs file is rebuilt
  + Applied some good patches from Bartosz Oler:
    1. colors customization: Now you can customize the colors lfm use in
       the configuration file, 'colors' section. Each color is defined by
       a string with its name. It looks like this:
	      element foreground_color background_color
    2. Allow preferences values to contain colons in the configuration file=
    3. Lack of a bookmark's definition shouldn't be an error.
  + pyview: new features:
      - read from stdin
      - go to / set bookmarks
      - open shell
  + pyview doesn't show blank screen a the end of the file, now it shows la=
  + lfm works now with "from __future__ import division", prepared for Pyth=
on 3.0
  + set python2 as default interpreter for, lfm,, pyview an=
  + my email address has changed
  + Bugs fixes. See ChangeLog for complete list
      - lfm:
          * create temporary files with mask 0066 and directories with perm=
            0700, so only owner can read/write them
          * avoid zombie processes when using 'fork' (now fork twice or thr=
          * show correct filename when an error occurs while uncompressing =
          * don't compress '..' directory
          * when lfm exits after checking command line options, make 'lfm' =
            script don't show path error
          * when un/compressing files cursorbar must remain in the same fil=
          * when, at start, lfm can't enter into a dir due to directory per=
          * crash if len(line) =3D=3D width of cursorbar window
		  * don't append '*' to historic in entries
		  * fix cursor bar position after sorting
      - pyview:
          * when user hasn't permissions to read file, exit gracefully inst=
            of crashing
          * last char in file is not showed

As always, comments and suggestions are welcome.=20

Best regards,
I=F1igo Serna

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