ANN: System Modeling Workbench

Ivan Porres
Fri, 6 Sep 2002 16:05:32 +0300

The System Modeling Workbench is a collection of tools for editing, storing,
analyzing and verifying models. It is based on the OMG MOF and UML standards
and it is implemented using the Python programming language. It is still
under development, but we think it already contains many interesting ideas.
It is distributed under the GNU General Public License and is available from

SMW is built from the following components:

- SMW Kernel. It implements a MOF-based metamodel as a collection of Python
classes. It supports OCL-like queries, bidirectional associations,
well-formed rules and XMI input and output.

- Repository. A central repository and version control system for MOF and
XMI-based models.

- Transformation Framework. A collection of classes for transforming models
into other artifacts: code, metrics, test cases, etc... It can also be used
to refactor models.

- Modeler. A graphical editor. It is still under construction but it already
has some cool features. It supports the following profiles:

* Plain UML 1.4 as defined in the OMG Standard. (

* Stepwise Feature Introduction for Python Profile. A profile for creating
Python programs based on UML 1.4 and the Stepwise Feature Introduction

* SA/RT. A profile for creating Real-Time Structured Analysis models.

The main contact person for the SMW Application is Ivan Porres. Send e-mail
to or see