SC-Track Roundup 0.5 beta1 - an issue tracking system

Richard Jones
Wed, 11 Sep 2002 20:07:00 +1000

SC-Track Roundup 0.5 beta1 - an issue tracking system

Note: This is the first of two beta releases of the newest version of Roundup.
It is strongly recommended that you maintain your existing 0.4 installation if
you have one, and run 0.5 on a copy of the database. If you are upgrading from
0.4, you must read doc/upgrading.txt!

Roundup requires python 2.1.1 for correct operation. Support for dumbdbm
requires python 2.1.2 or 2.2. 2.1.3 and 2.2.1 are recommended.

A lot has been done since 0.4:

- new backend for metakit (thanks Gordon McMillan)
- new backend for gadfly (it's as done as it's going to get)
- further split the dbm backends from the core code, allowing easier
  non-dict-like backends (eg metakit, RDB)
- implemented and used the new access control mechanisms (Permissions, Roles)
- switched templating to use Zope's PageTemplates (yay!)
- switched to sessions for web authentication
- added Boolean and Number types
- full-text search may also search certain String properties
- fixed the journal bloat
- updated design document for new access controls
- updated customisation document, including more examples
- entire database export and import (incl files)
- better mailgw help message (feature request #558562)
- re-enabled link backrefs from messages (feature request #568714)
- the page layout is now templatable
- re-worked cgi interface to abstract out the explicit "issue" interface
- have index page handle mid-page errors better so header and footer are
  still visible
- saving of named search queries
- we handle "not found", access and item page render errors better
- fixed double-submit by having new-item-submit redirect at end
- daemonify roundup-server (fork, logfile, pidfile)
- modify cgitb to display PageTemplate errors better
- rename to "instance" to "tracker"
- have roundup.cgi pick up tracker config from the environment 
- revamped look and feel in web interface
- cleaned up stylesheet usage
- several bug fixes and documentation fixes

Source and documentation is available at the website:
Release Info (via download page):
Mailing lists - the place to ask questions:

About Roundup

Roundup is a simple-to-use and -install issue-tracking system with 
command-line, web and e-mail interfaces. It is based on the winning design 
from Ka-Ping Yee in the Software Carpentry "Track" design competition.

Note: Ping is not responsible for this project. The contact for this project 

Roundup manages a number of issues (with flexible properties such as 
"description", "priority", and so on) and provides the ability to:

(a) submit new issues,
(b) find and edit existing issues, and
(c) discuss issues with other participants.

The system will facilitate communication among the participants by managing
discussions and notifying interested parties when issues are edited. One of
the major design goals for Roundup that it be simple to get going. Roundup
is therefore usable "out of the box" with any python 2.1+ installation. It
doesn't even need to be "installed" to be operational, though a
disutils-based install script is provided.

It comes with two issue tracker templates (a classic bug/feature tracker and
a help desk) and five database back-ends (anydbm, bsddb, bsddb3, metakit and