pymqi 0.4

Les Smithson
12 Sep 2002 14:00:02 +0100

Pymqi 0.4 is now available at This
version adds interfaces to the MQINQ & MQSET MQI calls. These allow
you to set & inquire Queue Manager & Queue attributes.

Pymqi is a Python extension for IBM's Messaging & Queuing middleware,
MQSeries (aka WebSphere MQ family). This allows Python scripts to make
calls directly to MQI to connect queues and get/put messages on them

Pymqi combines the power of Python with the benefits of the messaging
model. It can be used to develop test harnesses for MQ based systems,
for rapid prototyping of MQ applications, for development of
administrative GUI's (when combined with e.g., TkInter), and even for
mainstream MQ application development!

Pymqi does not replace MQI, but is layered on top of it, so you must
have MQ (either client or server) installed before you can use pymqi.