ANN: pyblosxom weblog software

Wari Wahab
Mon, 16 Sep 2002 00:46:10 +0800

pyblosxom is a weblogging tool written in Python and modelled after blosxom. 
It is written due to the fact that clones for blosxom exists except for python,
so this is my implementation of it. In fact I'm into cloning so much that this 
announcement was ripped from a Kaa announcement, another weblogging tool written
in python.

The "download page" can be found here:

This is really the page of my pyblosxom blog; there are links to the 
distribution (a tar.gz file) and to a page with an introduction to pyblosxom.

Any comments, bug reports, tips, feature requests, etc, etc, are welcome. 
Particularly eloquent flames will be published on my blog. :-) Especially 
ones that mentioned how bad my python is. (I'm a newbie:)

Regards: Wari Wahab