ANN: PyANT version 0.26 released

24 Sep 2002 12:36:27 -0700

Project description:
	PyANT is a build tool with ANT-like makefiles with XML syntax. 
  It based on Jakarta ANT logic and should help you to automate building
  and testing process for your Python programs (but not only Python programs)
  Visit to know more about ANT
  and visit to know more about PyANT

Platforms tested:
  ActiveState Python v2.2 on Win2000
  Linux RedHat v7.2 with Python 2.1
  FreeBSD v4.6 with Python 2.1

     Some tasks like InnoCompile works only on Win32 platform

Last changelog:
10.09.2002 Ivan V. Begtin (PyANT v0.26_debug)
	- added bin/ which require wxPython v2.3, still have bugs
	  but should work. Comments appreciated
	- Project site reborned here, summary is here
	- Some bugs fixed
	- <If> task added 

03.09.2002 Ivan V. Begtin (PyANT v0.25_debug_internal)
	- Some tasks fixed: Copy, Mail and few others
	- Added more InnoSetup sections and tasks: InnoUnDeleteTask, 
	  InnoUnDeleteSection, InnoTasksSection, InnoAddTask
	  (TODO: Need to implement [Run] section as soon as possible)
	- fixed script now It takes version number directly from module
	- added sample custom task in opttask

Best regards,
  Ivan V. Begtin aka Erellon (