[ANN] Latest Puffin Article on IBM's developerWorks

A. Keyton Weissinger keyton@weissinger.org
Tue, 24 Sep 2002 21:23:25 -0400

IBM has just published the latest article on the 
Puffin Automation Framework.

Check it out:


This article introduces the new architecture and the future of 
the system.

What is the Puffin Automation Framework? 
As it's name implies, Puffin allows you to automate "actions." 
An action, in terms of Puffin, is any "high level" execution item 
that may require inputs, may produce outputs, and whose results may
be validated for success or failure. For example, an action may 
involve making an HTTP request to a dynamic web page. It may 
involve grabbing a file's contents or even retrieving a specific 
email based on a keyword in the subject line. All of these are 
actions in the sense that they can be automated by Puffin. Puffin 
will manage all inputs, outputs, and validation for these actions.

Puffin Web Page: http://www.puffinhome.org

Keyton Weissinger