ANN: Python CVS RDF news feeds

Dinu Gherman Dinu Gherman <>
Wed, 25 Sep 2002 12:48:56 +0200

I'm making available RDF news files with pointers to the latest
changes in the Python (and ReportLab) CVS repositories (using
ViewCVS on SourceForge): (Python, 48 h) (ReportLab, 72 h)

There is also one such file for Stackless Python, but given
that there is no ViewCVS for it (yet), the links point some-
where into Nirwana: (Stackless, 72 h)

All are updated each hour. You can point any GUI tools like
SlashDock* (on OS X) to them and save time by forgetting about
typing the respective URLs or CVS commands for quickly tracking

BTW, another interesting news file is ActiveState's one, which
will let you keep an eye on the newest Python recipes in their 
cookbook website: