RELEASE: Recodec 0.0

François Pinard
Thu, 26 Sep 2002 11:36:58 -0400

Hello to all `recode' pretesters and Python friends.

Here is the initial throw for the Recodec program and library.  Recodec
is the start of a Python prototype for Free Recode.  See `Recodec and
Free Recode' in the `README' file to know how they relate to one another.

The Recodec program and its library, as Free Recode already do,
convert files between character sets and usages.  They recognise or
produce more than 240 different character sets and transliterate files
between almost any pair.  When exact transliteration are not possible,
they get rid of offending characters or fall back on approximations.

The `README' is repeated as `',
and `' holds
the latest release.  This is more a snapshot than a finished release,
actually.  This is still alpha quality software, which should not be used
without caution in a production environment.  Pretesters are welcome.

Please gently report problems, suggestions or other comments to
`'.  Recode-related discussions might
be held on `', this list is
opened to its members only.  Python specific discussions might go to

François Pinard