ANN: Twisted 0.99.2 - now with stable internet

Itamar Shtull-Trauring
Fri, 27 Sep 2002 21:16:35 -0400

The Twisted team is proud to announce Twisted 0.99.2, which includes a API-stable version of twisted.internet, Twisted's event-driven networking core (like asyncore, but more so).

Twisted's twisted.internet pacakge provides:
 - event-driven TCP, SSL and unix socket networking
 - cross-platform (Unix and Win32) support
 - pluggable reactors, including select(), poll() and Kqueue
 - event loop GUI integration, for Win32, GTK+, Qt, wxPython and Tkinter
 - threading integration
 - scheduling
 - process running API

With the twisted.internet APIs now stable, we feel Twisted provides the best networking platform available today for Python. This also gives us a solid basis for working on stable APIs for the rest of Twisted's packages.

Download it now from, or visit us on IRC on #twisted ( servers, formerly known as openprojects).

What is Twisted?

Twisted is an event-based framework for internet applications.  It includes a
web server, a telnet server, a chat server, a news server, a generic client 
and server for remote object access, and APIs for creating new protocols and
services. Twisted supports integration of the Tk, GTK+, Qt or wxPython event
loop with its main event loop. The Win32 event loop is also supported, as is
basic support for running servers on top of Jython. Twisted works with
Python 2.1 and Python 2.2. Twisted even supports the CVS versions of Python, 
so it is ready for Python 2.3.

Twisted currently supports the following protocols, all implemented in pure
python, most of them as both servers and clients:
  - FTP
  - HTTP
  - NNTP
  - SOCKSv4 (server only)
  - SMTP
  - IRC
  - telnet
  - POP3
  - AOL's instant messaging TOC
  - OSCAR, used by AOL-IM as well as ICQ (client only)
  - DNS
  - MouseMan
  - finger
  - Echo, discard, chargen and friends
  - Twisted Perspective Broker, a remote object protocol
For more information, visit, or join the list at

What's new in 0.99.2

- Improved HTTP support - bug fixes, caching APIs

- WOVEN, a web templating system (formerly known as DOMTemplate)

- microdom, a very small DOM implementation

- An inetd server written with Twisted (coming soon to a Debian mirror near you)

- Switched to epydoc for API docs ( - it rocks!)

- RDBMS storage for the NNTP server, and improved NNTP protocol support

- Finalized process-running API

- Huge numbers of bug fixes and feature improvements, and better docs