Thuban 1.0rc1 released

Bernhard Herzog
Wed, 03 Dec 2003 15:32:39 +0100

Thuban 1.0rc1 has been released and is available at

Thuban is an interactive geographic data viewer implemented in Python
and wxPython and runs on Unixlike systems and MS Windows. It's licensed
under the GNU GPL.

The changes since 0.9 include:

 - Faster rendering

 - Extensions to import APR files, to convert GNS files to shapefiles or
   to use Thuban as a WMS client, among others. Most of these extensions
   are somewhat experimental though.

 - Thuban files written with the Windows version should be readable on
   Unix systems now in most cases

 - Support for EPSG projections

 - A command line switch to enable attribute editing. This is a bit
   dangerous so it's off by default.