ANN: numarray-0.8 released

Todd Miller
12 Dec 2003 17:20:59 -0500

Release Notes for numarray-0.8

Numarray is an array processing package designed to efficiently
manipulate large multi-dimensional arrays.  Numarray is modelled after
Numeric and features c-code generated from python template scripts,
the capacity to operate directly on arrays in files, and improved type


1. Peter Verveer's nd_image package!

Peter Verveer has contributed a fully documented and tested
multi-dimensional image processing package, numarray.nd_image.
Thanks Peter!  

(A manual for numarray-0.8 is currently unavailable but will be

2. Masked Arrays

Numarray now features a port of Paul Dubois Masked Array package, MA,
now called in numarray.

3. Improved packaging

The entire distribution is now a single package.  This means binary 
installations can be accomplished with a single install file.

4. Unified testing

The selftest format has been improved so that doctest is used for all
packages and can be executed via a single top level command:


 839415  Error mode comments from Tim Hochberg
 839409  array comparison return booleans
 839407  ``take`` is really only useful for array types
 839404  ``array_repr`` no longer supports `suppress_small``
 839396  ``Error.popMode`` should raise if last mode is popped
 839395  ``anArray.conjugate()`` acts in place
 839393  ``argmax`` returns shape () arrays instead of scalars
 839388  ``where`` and others do not appear to use asarray
 839385  add.reduce takes dim as an argument instea
 839382  na.searchsorted does not accept scalars for 2nd argument
 839378 doesn't accept scalars, does
 839377  Assigning a Numeric slice to a numarray array fails
 839374 linear_algebra.determinant` returns length-1 vector
 839372 Mixing arrays and lists in array() fails
 839370 sqrt, power, ** fail on complex zero*
 832609 Bug in putmask type casting
 830219 Segmentation fault
 829184 [Numpy-discussion] Incorrect OverflowError
 827013 numarray.convolve.correlate2d option fft=1
 826311[Numpy-discussion] Possible bug in scalar array
 824840 add.reduce return array with wrong shape 
 820813 Arnaud's Comments
 816841 readonly memmaps segfault on assign
 816182 Small integers not promoted for calculations
 813318 imports fail from numarray's directory
 810940 Erratic Behavior when subclassing NumArray
 803757 problem with complex log10
 796739 Resized memmapped chararray fails
 857207 sometrue caching bug?
 856611 takeNBytes fails
 853508 zero length memmap
 839397 underflow behavior should default to 'ignore' not 'warn'
 839389 take() now requires a keyword argument for axis
 837310 argsort is non-deterministic
 805349 Proper dot product for a rank>2 arrays (tensors)

for more details.


1. numarray extension writers should note that the documented use of
PyArray_INCREF and PyArray_XDECREF (in numarray) has been found to be
incompatible with Numeric and has therefore been deprecated.  numarray
wrapper functions using PyArray_INCREF and PyArray_XDECREF should
switch to ordinary Py_INCREF and Py_XDECREF.


Numarray-0.8 windows executable installers, source code, and manual is

Numarray is hosted by Source Forge in the same project which hosts Numeric:

The web page for Numarray information is at:

Trackers for Numarray Bugs, Feature Requests, Support, and Patches are at
the Source Forge project for NumPy at:


numarray-0.8 requires Python 2.2.2 or greater.  


Numarray was written by Perry Greenfield, Rick White, Todd Miller, JC
Hsu, Paul Barrett, Phil Hodge at the Space Telescope Science
Institute.  Thanks go to Jochen Kupper of the University of North
Carolina for his work on Numarray and for porting the Numarray manual
to TeX format.  Thanks also to Edward C. Jones, Francesc Alted, Paul
Dubois, Eric Jones, Travis Oliphant, Pearu Peterson, Colin Williams,
Peter Verveer, Nadav Horesh, Sebastian Haase, Tim Hochberg, and
everyone who has contributed with comments and feedback.

Numarray is made available under a BSD-style License.  See
LICENSE.txt in the source distribution for details.

Todd Miller