cx_OracleTools 7.2

Anthony Tuininga
Thu, 18 Dec 2003 15:41:35 -0700

What is it?

cx_OracleTools is a set of Python scripts that handle Oracle database
development tasks in a cross platform manner and improve (in my opinion)
on the tools that are available by default in an Oracle client
installation. Those who use cx_Oracle (a Python interface driver for
Oracle compatible with the DB API) may also be interested in this
project, if only as examples. Binaries are provided for those who do not
have a Python installation.

Where do I get it?

(it may be a few days before the second site is updated)

What's new?

 1) Added new tools ExportColumn and ImportColumn for exporting
    (importing) CLOB and BLOB columns from (into) an Oracle database.
 2) Include package used for debugging.
 3) When using DescribeObject, check if the object with the given name
    matches an object in the database, including case. If the object
    cannot be found, check for an object in the database by converting
    the argument to uppercase. Finally, if the name is not found and is
    not qualified with a schema owner, search the public synonyms for
    one by that name and describe that object instead.
 4) Added feedback to DbDebugger indicating on what database the
    connection has been established and on what pipe name the debugger
    is listening.
 5) Added optional argument to specify a filename into which to put the
    output created by DescribeObject. This is of particular use on
    Windows which doesn't handle redirection very well, particularly in
    GUI programs.

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