[ANN] Pyblosxom 0.6

Wari Wahab wari@home.wari.org
Sun, 02 Feb 2003 23:42:30 +0800

pyblosxom is a CGI-based Weblog program written in Python. It uses 
ordinary text files as your entries, and in addition to the features of 
blosxom, on which it is based, it can be easily extended with 
preformatters and plugins.

This release includes the following changes (listed in no
particular order):
  * In addition to flavour overrides, we now have
    configuration overrides with flavours.
  * Better documentation available at the
    [http://wiki.subtlehints.net/moin/PyBlosxom Wiki Site]
  * Change XML content-type detection for content-type
    other than just text/xml
  * Plugins, from simple `$templateVariables` type to
    CallbackChains type
  * Lot's of new features available just by dropping in plugins
  * Weblogs.com and blo.gs pings available with plugins
  * Conditional HTTP is now a plugin

  * Fixed directory recursions
  * Fixed entry display by category to honor num_entries
  * Example flavours fixes

Demo Site: http://roughingit.subtlehints.net/pyblosxom
Documentation: http://wiki.subtlehints.net/moin/PyBlosxom
SourceForge Site: http://sf.net/projects/pyblosxom