Python: Scripting Power for Java: Talks Slides Online

Gerald Bauer
16 Feb 2003 06:59:29 -0800

My slides (40+) for last week's JUG Austria Python talk entitled
"Python: Scripting Power for Java: Do More With Less (Lines of Code)"
are now online in an all-in-one HTML page (aka papyrus edition) at

 Here's the talk's agenda:

 * Why Python? One Language Can't Do It All 
 * Python Panorama - Servus Austria 
 * Python History - Guido Who? 
 * Python Goodies Missing in Java 
 * Python In A Rice Corn 
 * Alternative Scripting Languages in 100 % Java 
 * Jelly: Something Completly Different 
 * Python Books and Links 


  - Gerald