ANN: Leo 3.11b1 outlining editor

Edward K. Ream
Tue, 18 Feb 2003 01:29:06 GMT 3.11 beta 1 is now available at: requires Python 2.1 or above and tcl/tk 8.3 or above.

The highlights of 3.11:
** Leo finally supports unicode properly.  This solves a lot of problems.
 - New @encoding directives specifies encoding for derived files.
 - New settings specify default encodings for .leo and derived files.
 - Derived files specify encodings used to create them.
** A new plugin architecture for customizing Leo. (A major improvement.)
- New commands:
 - Toggle Angle Brackets.
 - Insert Time/Date (in headline or body text).
 - Go To First/Last Node, Parent, Next/Previous Sibling.
 - Write Missing @file Nodes.
 - Expand/Contract Node.
- Improved commands:
 - Expand/Contract commands now operate on the selected tree.
   ( A major improvement)
 - Sort Siblings command can now sort top-level nodes.
 - Leo now allows multiple writes of cloned nodes.
   (Useful when different @path directives are in effect.)
- Other improvements:
 - Improved syntax coloring for html and xml.
 - Leo scrolls partially visible headlines into full view.
 - Added "Replace tabs with spaces" checkbox in Prefs panel.
 - Added install script for Linux.
- New settings in leoConfig.leo/.txt.
 - Colors for Show Invisibles command and body_insertion_cursor
 - Settings affecting when control-drags start.
 - Defaults for unicode (see above).
- Many other bug fixes and improvements.

Quote of the month
I only have one week of Leo experience but I already know it will be my
IDE/project manager.  I have seen several old threads on c.l.python  where
complain about the lack of a project manager for the free/standard Python
like Idle.  Leo clearly solves that problem and in a way that commercial
can't touch -- Marshall Parsons

What is Leo?
- A programmer's editor, an outlining editor and a flexible browser.
- A literate programming tool, compatible with noweb and CWEB.
- A data organizer and project manager. Leo provides multiple views
   of projects within a single outline.
- Fully scriptable using Python. Leo saves its files in XML format.
- Portable. is 100% pure Python.
- Open Software, distributed under the Python License.


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Leo: Literate Editor with Outlines