ANNOUNCE: PythonD 2.2.1 Release 1.1

Mon, 6 Jan 2003 03:23:59 +0100


PythonD 1.1 based on Python sources 2.2.1 has been uploaded to:
This is a bug-fix and minor-enhancement level release. Downloading is not
neccessary but encouraged.

PythonD is the DJGPP-based MSDOS port of Python.

Fixes/enhancements include:

Numberous token exports added for dynamically-linked modules.

xslt module removed from pyxml; doesn't work under PythonD anyway
(is also incompatible with Ft 12),, and removed from standard python library
(they were accidentally left there from a previous pre-beta test).

Python Include files now properly located in the "python2.2" subfolder.

path configuration files (".pth") in $DJDIR/site-python are supported.

Like %PYTHONPATH%, %PYTHONHOME% is also supported. It must point to the top
of your binary tree(if "python2.2" library is found under C:\python\lib,
set PYTHONHOME=c:/python).

A rudimentary 'os.startfile' (normally on Win32) has been implemented.
Only usable when PythonD is used during a running Windows95 (and newer)
session. Requires presence of "rundll32.exe" in the Windows %PATH%.

The "webbrowser" module has been modified for PythonD.
A number of browsers are supported by default. May also use %BROWSER%.

New experimental SSL support in Socketmodule.

READLINE MODIFICATIONS (can be disabled by commenting out appropriate
lines from

A default "readline history file" has been implemented in
See if you wish to change this setting.

The default "command completion key" has been assigned to 'TAB'.

There is also a pre-alpha port of "tkinter" included (the TK-Wish module),
using a partially complete xlibemu port to GRX2. Don't get excited yet, it
is still pretty broken, but is a glimse of possible things to come with the
second major drop of PythonD 2.2.1.