[ann] rlcompleter2 <TAB> interactive completion

holger krekel pyth@devel.trillke.net
Sat, 18 Jan 2003 17:05:59 +0100

rlcompleter2.py  python command line completion (v0.94)

i am glad to announce a new module for python command 
line completion.  It aims to further improve the python
interactive experience.  This is all you need to know
about the user interface:


which you can hit while hacking away in your interactive
python session.  You need to have >readline< installed 
and working.  And using it with Python 2.2.2 gives best 

For a list of features, download and installation 
information please refer to


some features

- completion on any valid Python statement/expression

- many convenient completions, e.g.

  func(<tab>   presents function signatures and docs
  module.<tab> presents module docstring (among others)
  func<tab>    autocompletes '(' or '()'
  obj<tab>     completes '.' if obj is module or instance

- when you hit <tab> multiple times you'll get
  increasing details about multiple completions

- the completer tries to autodetect your terminal height
  and width.

- shows type information for multiple matches. types
  are abbreviated by three characters. 

please report back any problems and bugs,

have fun,

    holger krekel, 18th January 2003