ANNT: PyANT v0.30 released

24 Jan 2003 04:54:33 -0800

PyANT is a project for porting Jakarta's ANT ideas to Python.
The main advantage it has over Java is speed and support for 
Python scripts. PyANT written in pure Python. Project intended for
who wants to automate their projects building and testing process
Project link here:

Changes since last version:
  - added "property handlers" logic, now getting property with name
which is URL-like syntax is a link shows data from that url. Handlers
for "http, ftp and file" presents right now. Handler "registry" for
Win32 registry keys present as TODO task.
       <echo msg="${}"/> should print PyANT project
  - added CVS task just like in ANT
  - added more other tasks and fixed others
  Project files available as ZIP and EXE-self installer with Inno
Setup files
Please do not use CVS tree right now, it's not up to date right now, I
am going to complete it, ASAP.

Ivan Begtin aka Erellon (