ANN: SQLObject 0.2

Ian Bicking
28 Jan 2003 03:04:32 -0600

SQLObject is an object-relational mapper (i.e., a database/SQL wrapper)
that supports MySQL and PostgreSQL.  Version 0.2 is the first public

The software can be found at:

- Takes advantage of new-style classes (both properties and 
  metaclasses).  Hi-Fi Python!  (Python 2.2 required)
- No external formats or configuration (e.g. XML); your tables are 
  described with the class definition.
- Accessing a column appears the same as accessing any other attribute.
- Accompanying SQLBuilder allows WHERE clauses to be coded (somewhat) 
  naturally in Python without SQL.
- Caching (or no caching, no pressure).
- Fully documented (interface documentation plus source comments).
- Simple (naive?) transaction support for PostgreSQL.
- Conforms to traditional schema; should be adapter to legacy schemas.
- Understands basic relations.
- The string "get" does not appear in any method.
- 100% larger version number than previous version.



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