ANN: rlcompleter2 0.95 Interactive Completion

holger krekel
Thu, 30 Jan 2003 00:28:11 +0100

rlcompleter2-0.95  Python readline aka <tab> completion

There are some small bugfixes and enhancements with 
the 0.95 version.  Moreover, i rearranged/extended 
the website, added an issue tracker (roundup) for bugs
and feature wishes and a development mailistlist.  
Please find it all here:

I don't quite expect much traffic on the mailing list 
but it might be a good place to discuss further 
runtime introspection developments.  

One of my ideas is to make the completer 'embeddable' 
into an application.  A frontend could then connect 
to a running application and you could live-inspect your 
system (with tab-completion).  Apart from a terminal 
frontend a web based app could provide navigation and 
browsing through live objects  (including their 
documentation).  Anybody interested in stuff like 
this is invited to join the mailing list. 

thanks for your attention,