ANN: 4Suite 1.0a2

Uche Ogbuji
02 Jul 2003 01:32:06 -0600

Today we release of 1.0 alpha 2, now available from Sourceforge and 
4Suite is a comprehensive platform for XML and RDF processing, with base
libraries and a server framework.  It is implemented in Python and C,
and provides Python and XSLT APIs, Web and command line interfaces.

For general information, see:

For the files, see:


Windows installer:

Windows zip:

You can also get the files on Sourceforge:

IMPORTANT alpha release notes

If you have built a 4Suite repository using an older version of 4Suite,
you will probably have to make adjustments for this new release.  If you
used 0.12.0a3, or a more recent version, then it should suffice to
recompile all stylesheets for each repository instance:

4ss_manager recompile

In any case, see the following document for more details:

There has been some progress with builds on Mac OS X in this release.  See

Please offer any suggestions on the mailing list.

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