SpamBayes-1.0a4 Released

Meyer, Tony
Mon, 7 Jul 2003 12:45:40 +1200

Hot on the heels of the 1.0a3 release comes Spambayes 1.0a4.  This
release fixes a couple of potentially serious bugs that were introduced
in a3, as well as including various other improvements.  Upgrading is
recommended for all users.


The SpamBayes project ( is working on developing a
Bayesian anti-spam filter, initially based on the work of Paul Graham.
The major difference between this and other, similar projects is the
emphasis on testing newer approaches to scoring messages. While most
anti-spam projects are still working with the original graham algorithm,
we found that a number of alternate methods yielded a more useful
response. SpamBayes is implemented purely in Python.

New in Alpha Release 4

Outlook Plug-in
 o Display a message for "Delete as Spam" or "Recover from Spam" when
   SpamBayes is not enabled.
 o The toolbar is now initialized when "Outlook Today" is the default

POP3 Proxy
 o Fix a bug where long attachments would be broken.
 o If an exception occurs parsing a message, recover and append a new
   'exception' header.
   (This will be added to other SpamBayes applications by the next
 o Stop including the trailing dot in messages.

IMAP Filter
 o In imapfilter, try to append without flags if appending fails.
 o Fix the -i switch in imapfilter and an import error.
 o Don't try and get password from options if -p is specified in

 o Various changes/improvements to
   Note that this includes a fix for a potentially serious bug
   in a3 which could result in incorrect token counts.

 o The web interface (used by pop3proxy and imapfilter) now shows the
   correct date and time in the footer.
 o A new stripper to squash yet another way of hiding content in HTML
   like Erections to hide

Transition between release a3 and a4 should be seamless.  Refer to the
release for information about transitioning between a2 and a4.

Reported Bugs Fixed
The following bugs tracked via the Sourceforge system were fixed:
761677, 761670

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bug number to this url:

Feature Requests Added
The following feature request tracked via the Sourceforge system was

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