ANN: PyObjC 1.0b1

Ronald Oussoren
Mon, 7 Jul 2003 10:01:52 +0200

PyObjC 1.0b1 is now available for download at

PyObjC is a bridge between Python and Objective-C.  It allows full
featured Cocoa applications to be written in pure Python.  It is also
easy to use other frameworks containing Objective-C class libraries
from Python and to mix in Objective-C, C and C++ source.

Python is a highly dynamic programming language with a shallow learning
curve.  It combines remarkable power with very clear syntax.

The installer package includes a number of Project Builder templates for
easily creating new Cocoa-Python projects, as well as support for
syntax-coloring Python files in Project Builder.

PyObjC also supports full introspection of Objective-C classes and
direct invocation of Objective-C APIs from the interactive interpreter.

PyObjC requires MacOS X 10.2 or later.  PyObjC works both with the Apple
provided Python installation in MacOS X 10.2 (and later) and with
MacPython 2.3b1.  Users of MacPython 2.3b1 can install PyObjC though the
PackageManager application.

PyObjC 1.0b1 includes numerous improvements over earlier versions, 

* Improved performance and stability
* Better tutorials and examples
* Initial support for MacOS X 10.1
* Support for the WebKit framework
* Write plugin bundles in Python (requires Python 2.3b1)

PyObjC is released with an open source license.