cx_Freeze 2.0

Anthony Tuininga
11 Jul 2003 11:02:37 -0600

After a rather long hiatus, I am happy to announce the release of
cx_Freeze 2.0 which contains a number of significant enhancements.

What is cx_Freeze?
cx_Freeze is a set of utilities for freezing Python scripts into
executables using many of the techniques found in Thomas Heller's
py2exe, Gordon McMillan's Installer and the Freeze utility that ships
with Python itself.

Where do I get it?
(it may be a few days before the second site is updated)

What's new?
1) Added support for in process (DLL) COM servers using PythonCOM
2) Made use of new Python 2.3 modules (that work under Python 2.2
   as well) as they contain advanced functionality that make the task
   of finding modules simpler and less error prone
3) Fixed import error with C extensions in packages (thanks to Thomas
   Heller for pointing out the solution to that problem)
4) Added options to FreezePython to force the inclusion of modules that
   are not found by the module finder (--include-modules) and force the
   exclusion of modules that are found by the module finder
5) Dropped the option --copy-extensions since the resulting binary is
   useless without the extensions
6) Inclusion of a sample for building a Win32 service
7) Other smaller bug fixes

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