ANNOUNCE: KirbyBase 1.02

Jamey Cribbs
Thu, 17 Jul 2003 01:38:01 GMT

Version 1.02 of KirbyBase is now available at:

KirbyBase is a simple, pure-python, plain-text database management 
system that can be used either embedded or client/server.

You can find out more about KirbyBase at:

Changes in version 1.02

* Fixed bug in createTable, and insert methods where field list passed
   into method was getting modified.

* Added the ability to use special characters in table data such as \r,
   \n, \032, and |.

* Changed the name of all private methods to start with two underscores
   in order to follow recommended naming conventions.

* Improved documentation.

* Added licensing information.

* Now uses distutils for installation.

I would like to thank Mark Bucciarelli for not only reporting the 
createTable bug and the special characters bug, but also sending me 
patches to fix both of them.  Thanks Mark!

Also, I would like to thank Brian Benjamin for providing valuable 
suggestions regarding the private methods and documentation, and for his 
kind words about KirbyBase.  Thanks Brian!

Jamey Cribbs