ANN: Leo 3.12 outlining editor

Edward K. Ream
Tue, 22 Jul 2003 09:25:40 -0500 3.12                              July 17, 2003 3.12 is now available at:

This version fixes many bugs and adds several major new features.

The first announcement of 3.12 appeared a few days ago on SourceForge.
Since then, a few minor bugs have been found.  In particular, when
installing Leo on Linux, please remove previous installations of Leo before
running the install script.  This will ensure that the new subdirectories of
the main Leo directory are created properly.

Window sizes are now in pixels rather than grid units, so you must resize
existing outlines (.leo files) when opening them for the first time using
this version of Leo.  Don't panic!

Highlights of this version:

* Plugged a huge memory leak.
* Fixed a major bug involving undo.
* Added Icon & Status areas to Leo window for use by plugins.
* Important new plugins:
  - The file leoPlugins.leo now contains all plugins.
  - allows plugins to define new directives.
  - supports wiki-styled markup.
  - checks spelling (requires aspell to be installed).
  - creates browser-style navigation plugins in the icon
  - creates a Plugins menu items for all loaded plugins.
  - creates a Scripts menu for all scripts in scripts
  - spell
  - trace_gc traces all changes to memory at idle time.
* Other enhancements:
  - Redesigned the Find panel.  Non-functional options are dimmed.
  - Added @wrap and @nowrap directives.
  - Added Write Dirty @file Nodes command.
  - Added several new "stub hooks".
  - Hyperlinks are now enabled by default.
  - Leo now loads plugins in alphabetical order.
  - Leo now remembers the size and location of Leo windows.
  - Undo now restores the insert point or the selection range after most
  - Added apply button to Font panel.
  - Improved the reporting of characters that do not exist in the present
* The usual assortment of bug fixes and minor improvements.
  - There are no known bugs in this version of Leo.

Quote of the month:
"Thanks for such a great mind-opening program!" -- Eduardo Dominguez

What is Leo?
- A programmer's editor, an outlining editor and a flexible browser.
- A literate programming tool, compatible with noweb and CWEB.
- A data organizer and project manager. Leo provides multiple views
   of projects within a single outline.
- Fully scriptable using Python. Leo saves its files in XML format.
- Portable. is 100% pure Python.
- Open Software, distributed under the Python License. requires Python 2.1 or above and tcl/tk 8.3 or above. works on Linux, Windows and MacOs X Jaguar.


Edward K. Ream
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Leo: Literate Editor with Outlines