[ANN] Pymprovisator 0.1 released

David Asorey Álvarez forodejazz@yahoo.es
24 Jul 2003 14:19:57 -0700

Hi all!

   I've released the first version of my program Pymprovisator.

   Pymprovisator is a program that emulates the program Band in a Box
from PG Music. You can think in it like the electronic version of the
books+CD from Jamey Aebersold.
   You set the basic parameters in a jazz song (title, style, key,
chords sequence,...) and the program will generate a Midi file with
the correct accompainment.

  Pymprovisator is written in Python and Tkinter, and needs some
auxiliary programs: abc2midi (http://abc.sourceforge.net/abcMIDI/) and
a MIDI player (on Windows boxes, Windows Media Player is a good
choice; on other systems, you can use playmidi, timidity, kmid or
another program).

   Pymprovisator runs on several operating systems: Windows, Linux,
FreeBSD, BeOS, MacOS and many other O.S.

   The program is available at

Happy playing!

David Asorey Álvarez
Mail: forodejazz (at) yahoo (dot) es
Web (spanish): http://www.geocities.com/forodejazz/programacion/