Announce: PythonD 2.2.1 Release 2.0 development platform for DOS

Fri, 25 Jul 2003 12:33:34 +0200

Python is an interpreted, interactive, object-oriented programming language.
PythonD is a 32-bit, multi-threaded, networking- and OpenGL-enabled
Python interpreter for DOS and Windows.

PythonD 2.2.1 Release 2.0 is now available for public download at:

Many additional modules are also available for download including:

Reportlab 1.15 PDF library
PyHL HDF5 file format library
Gnome LibXML2 and LibXSLT modules (based on LibXML2 2.5.8)
PyXML 0.82
PyNumeric 23.0

Previous versions of these PythonD modules are no longer usable,
as the DXE file format has changed.

ENHANCEMENTS and FIXES over last (1.13) Release:

PythonD now passes more that 145 tests (155 in verbose mode)

Threading. PythonD attempts the first multi-threaded posix scripting
engine for DOS. Thanks to R. Dawe for his pth threads patch.

Added PyOpenGL using Mesa 5. Some demos provided.

Added Python Imaging Library

Added dbmmodule

Upgraded socketmodule with new Wattcp-32 2.2.4 release.

New DXE format & Many additional C and Assembly tokens added to export list.

re-compiled with newest DJGPP 2.0.4 alpha libraries.

DJGPP's 'FNCASE' variable is automaticaly set to 'y' during PythonD
This may be turned off by commenting out the appropriate lines from
This is currently only activated during NT sessions.

'commands' module hacked for DOS/DJGPP. Requires 'bash.exe'.

copy_absolute() in getpath.c has been fixed for DOS-DJGPP...
consequently, 'sys.executable' now returns the correct value.

*limited* library support for 8.3 OSes (pure DOS without LFN driver).

PythonD standard library found in:
os.path.join(prefix, "lib", "python" + sys.version[:1])
the standard declaration uses 'sys.version[:3]'
This is for dos 8.3 compatibility (one library for both LFN and non-LFN!).

posixpath.abspath() fixed for DOS/DJGPP. loads error-free on non-djgpp systems.

Networking exceptions have been added to the list kept in the errno module.

Socketmodule now initializes upon module import. Requires packet driver.

Somewhat better selectmodule build. Added select.poll() (from Wattcp).
Note that select.poll() is largely untested.

Other small fixes

I want to thank those whose work greatly helped to make this release
possible, including:

Daniel Borca
Richard Dawe
Charles Sandmann

Ben Decker