ANN : mem package 0.1

s.keim s.keim
Mon, 28 Jul 2003 09:34:28 +0200


I have worked on a set of extension modules which allow to work on 
objects memory from Python code. This package contains:

   * an object for managing mallocated chunks of memory as a mutable 
sequence of bytes.
   * a set of functions which work on any objects which define the 
buffer API:  memcopy, index, memlen, memcmp ...
   * a reimplementation of the buffer() built-in object which should 
correct it's most annoying problems.

It contains also some pure Python modules:

   * an adaptater which provide the file interface to any object which 
define  the buffer API.
   * an other adaptater for the array interface.

You can give it a try at: