Rebuild 1.0

Christopher Nelson paradox@BBHC.ORG
Tue, 29 Jul 2003 14:43:16 -0600

Rebuild is a python module that replaces make.  It is not a drop-in
replacement, and does not use "makefiles."  Instead, it includes a
number of modules which try to be more intelligent about building

Rebuild is reasonably stable, as I have been using it for my own
projects for the past year or so.  Obviously it will contain problems
that I have not run into yet.  Questions and bug reports can be sent to  Please put [rebuild] somewhere in the subject line if
mailing regarding this project.

The homepage for rebuild contains a download link, some documentation,
and some examples.  It can be found at:

+Intelligent parsing heuristics for C/C++ source and headers, as well as
nasm assembler source.=20
+Automatic gathering of dependencies for supported languages and a more
intelligent build process reduces overall time spent in the building
+Flexible options and a black-box approach to compilers.=20
+Supports compiling with gcc and nasm. Easily extensible for other
+Supports user-defined actions (Python functions) that can be linked
into dependency chains for autobuilding source files like configuration

ebuild 1.0</A> - Python make replacement. (July 29, 2003) </p>