Andreas Held
29 Jul 2003 23:03:59 -0700

The first beta release of the Python bindings for the FLTK toolkit
is now ready for download from 
FLTK is a lightweight cross-platform (Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac) GUI toolkit,
available from

Changes since pyFLTK-1.1.a1 include:
- Updated documentation.
- No need to set thiswon=0 anymore.
- Fixed bug that caused stack overflow on handling polymorphisms.
- Added polymorphism for Fl_Overlay_Window.draw_overlay.
- Added polymorphism for Fl_Widget.handle.
- Added polymorphism for Fl_Box.draw().
- Added polymorphism for Fl_Single_Window.draw() and Fl_Double_Window.draw().
- Added method getScrollbar to Fl_Scroll and Fl_Browser_.
- Applied patch 742665 (thanks to Jerome Laheurte).
- Fixed bug (patch) 745651.
- Cleaned up enums for boxtypes.
- Fixed bug in Fl_Adjuster that prevented updating.
- Added contrib/ListSelect.
- Created new cross-platform (Windows and Linux) setup script
- Fixed and expanded test files.

Please direct all bug reports and feature requests to the mailing list:
pyfltk-user at lists dot sourceforge dot net.


Andreas Held