[ANN] PySQLite 0.4.3 released

Gerhard Haering gh@ghaering.de
Wed, 4 Jun 2003 04:05:55 +0200

(Un)fortunately, it was discovered that 0.4.2 introduced a new bug: you
couldn't commit/rollback if you haven't done anything in a transaction. So
you'd have to execute at least one SQL command.

I consider this a serious enough bug to release 0.4.3 immediately.

Full changelog since 0.4.2 follows:

2003-06-04 01:27  ghaering

	* _sqlite.c (tags: REL_0_4_3):

	I have a new email address.
2003-06-04 01:18  ghaering

	* README (tags: REL_0_4_3):

	I have a new email address.
2003-06-04 01:15  ghaering

	* sqlite/main.py (tags: REL_0_4_3):

        The transaction handling optimization introduced a bug: connections
        couldn't be commited or rolled back when no cursor.execute() has been
        done on them, yet.  This fixes the bug.
2003-06-04 01:13  ghaering

	* setup.py, debian/copyright, sqlite/__init__.py (utags:

	- Bump version number to 0.4.3.
	- I have a new email address.
2003-06-04 01:09  ghaering

	* test/transaction_tests.py (tags: REL_0_4_3):

        Tests that check if it's possible to commit()/rollback() when no actual
        SQL commands have been sent, yet. This bug was introduced by a
        transaction handling optimization.
2003-06-03 08:33  jrosdahl

	* debian/: changelog, control (utags: REL_0_4_3):

        Updated Debian package files to match those in Debian package
        python-sqlite 0.4.2-1.