ANN: Self-guided instruction docs for Python

Dave Kuhlman
Fri, 13 Jun 2003 13:52:42 -0700

Subject: ANN: Self-guided instruction docs for Python

I've been at work developing several classes for Python.

The first (Python 101) is an introductory course in Python
programming.  The second (Python 201, you probably guessed)
discusses several slightly advanced topics which have Python

As preparation for these training courses I've written several
training documents.  When I started, they were intended as an
outline or syllabus for the course.  As time went on, they grew as
I filled in more notes and details.

Now, I believe, these training documents are usable stand-alone.
In part I'm announcing this in the hope that these documents can
be used for self-guided learning.

You can find these documents at:

It's still a "work in progress", but I believe there is plenty
there now to make it useful.

If you have a need for Python training, please contact me.

If you have suggestions for these documents, please let me know.

  - Dave

Dave Kuhlman