ANN: Vertoo-0.6

Max Ischenko
Thu, 26 Jun 2003 16:30:28 +0300

I'm pleased to announce first public release of the Vertoo.

 Vertoo is a tool that lightens developer's burden to maintain up-to-date
 versioning information across project's files.  Vertoo provides simple
 interface to change the version (or it's part) and distribute these
 changes through the project's files. Configuration describes versions used
 in a project, each in arbitrary, user-specified scheme and formats for
 each of the occurences of the version's data in the project files.

 Vertoo is designed to be as non-obtrusive as possible. To use it you just
 have to create a configuration file where your describe your project's
 modules, relevant files and version format used.  That's all.  No changes
 in your source files (like adding special marks or creating .in files) are
 requried. Files are modified in-place, as you would do it by hand. Now you
 could run vertoo, either by hand or by adding appropriate command to one
 of your Makefile's rules or release script. If you later change your mind
 and stop using Vertoo you'll just delete it's configuration files. 

What's new in this release?

 As I said, this is first public release.  While Vertoo is already quite
 usable (I'm using it on several of my own projects, including Vertoo
 itself), it lacks some important features.  Still, I encourage potential
 users to try it out and submit feedback.


  - Flexible and powerful notation to describe versioning scheme
  - Simple interface to update version info across specified files
  - Dependencies between version's components
    (e.g. reset minor number when major is incremented)
  - Conditional inclusion of versioning components
    (e.g. only if release number is present)
  - Package can include any number of modules (with different
    versioning schemes)

Get it from the project's web site:

Supported platforms:

 Vertoo is written in Python and thus requries it to run (I've tested with
 Python 2.2.0 but it could be ported easily to earlier version if the need
 arises). I successfully use Vertoo on Linux and Windows and it would
 probably run on other systems as well.