ANN: TOGA (Timetables Optimised with Genetic Algorithms) v 0.01

Thuswise Webmaster,
Sat, 28 Jun 2003 16:13:12 +0000

Introducing the first release of TOGA

TOGA stands for "Timetables Optimised with Genetic Algorithms".
It is ultimately intended as an application for non-technical users
which automatically generates timetables for schools and institutions.

This version provides a framework for future development. It is a
fully-functioning command line application written in the Python
programming language. It is extensively documented, and accompanied by
a suite of unit tests.

The code is released under the GNU Public License. We are actively
seeking feedback from Python programmers, workers in Evolutionary
Algorithms, and potential users.

* The main project page is at:

* There is a more detailed introduction to TOGA here:

* Future plans for the code:

* Download the source from:

Future announcements about TOGA will be made in
comp.lang.python.announce. Please send an e-mail to
the "reply-to" address to be alerted to new developments.