ANN: New release of SalStat Statistics Package

Alan James Salmoni
3 Mar 2003 02:38:46 -0800

Oops! My mistake - I forgot to upload the file as a binary and the
downloads were therefore corrupted. This has now been rectified, and
the downloads are available and should work.

Apologies to anyone whose time I have wasted.

Alan. (Alan James Salmoni) wrote in message news:<>...
> Hi all,
> Following a release the other day, there is a new release of the
> SalStat Statistics Package written in Python with wxPython, Numeric
> and SciPY.
> From the website (, there is a source
> download ( - 439k) which
> needs Python, wxPython, Numeric, SciPy (and I believe PIL) to be
> installed. For Windows users, there is a self-installing executable
> made with the McMillan installer and the Inno installer (thanks to the
> guys who wrote these!) available from
> (7.78MB).
> This version allows chi square tests (observed in the first column,
> expected in the second column of the 2 condition test dialog), better
> graphs (thanks to SciPy plt function), and the interface has been
> spruced up a bit more. It loads ASCII files generally well, but don't
> leave too many blank spaces where there should be missing data.
> Thanks to all who have helped in one way or another. The next version
> should features multi-factorial anova with simple and main effects
> easily accessible from the interface (no syntax files needed!).
> Feedback is requested regarding test accuracy and interface
> experience. Please fire (not flame!) away as I have had little
> feedback about the interface lately (either I'm doing something very
> right, or very wrong indeed!)
> Have fun!
> Alan James Salmoni
> SalStat Statistics