Python ANT (PyANT) version 0.31 released

11 Mar 2003 20:44:43 -0800

PyANT is a project for porting Jakarta's ANT ideas to Python.
The main advantage it has over Java is speed and support for 
Python scripts. PyANT written in pure Python and project intended for
who wants to automate their projects building and testing process.
Project link here:

Changes since last version:
	- Fixed bug in copying single file to single file
	+ Added attribute "dir" for <fileset> for compatibility with ANT.
	  "basedir" attribute still works
	+ Added conditional attributes to <target>
	  for now constructions <target if="propertyname">
	  and <target unless="propertyname">
	  sample included in "samples/build_iftest.xml"
	+ Added <Config> task to read and write Python config files (.INI like)
	+ Added <Tar> task to create .tar and .tar.gz archives
	+ Added <Input> and <Dirname> tasks that are compilant with ANT tasks
	  with same names
	+ Added "regkey" handler, this handler allows to access registry keys
	  on Win32 platform via full path to that key.
	  Sample usage provided in "build_handlers.xml" example file
	+ Added <Checksum> task, that is like in ANT spec and supports 
	  MD5 and SHA algorithms

  Project files available as ZIP, TGZ and EXE-self installer with Inno
Setup files

Ivan Begtin aka Erellon (