[ANN] 2003 Python UK Conference

John Precedo johnp@reportlab.com
Fri, 21 Mar 2003 13:06:42 -0000

Announcement of the 2003 Python UK Conference

The UK Python conference 2003 will take place in Oxford, on Wednesday
April 2nd and Thursday 3rd. The conference will be held in the
pleasant surroundings of

Holiday Inn Oxford
Pear Tree Roundabout,
Woodstock Road,
Oxford, OX2 8JD

We are very excited to be working once again with the ACCU to bring
the UK Python conference to life. The conference last year was a big
success with all attendees, and we hope to repeat that success with a
bigger and better line up of speakers, including the Python language
founder Guido van Rossum, who will deliver the keynote on Wednesday
2nd April.

Other speakers include:
Alex Martelli, Andy Todd, Andy Robinson, Anthony Eden, Chris Withers,
Duncan Booth, Duncan Grisby, Greg Colvin, Hamish Lawson, Jacob
Hallén, Marc-André Lemburg, and Paul Brian.

As a taster of the conference we have conducted a series of short
interviews with Python luminaries including Guido van Rossum and Eric
Raymond. The interviews will be appearing on the conference website.

Conference website:

Conference Wiki:

To sign up please go to here:

And to view the schedule, please go here:

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