[Announce] Elements : for building web sites

Michael Mell mike@nthwave.net
Fri, 28 Mar 2003 18:50:46 GMT

I'm pleased to announce Elements 1.1.1.

Elements is a Python-based tool for building web sites. Elements source 
files are built in a simple and powerful structure that allows the 
developer to define components or "elements" such as templates, code 
fragments and Python scripts. The Elements application merges the 
appropriate pieces together to build html files on the developer's local 
file system.

Python scripts within Elements source files are fully aware of the file 
name, path and many Elements "environment variables" of each html file 
as it is processed. All elements are recognized hierarchically -- a 
site-wide element can be defined in multiple locations down and across 
the site hierarchy. Hierarchically-based elements, multiple templates 
and embedded Python code together provide a powerful system to build web 

The Elements application generates static html files, but Elements can 
help generate code for other processes. For example, PHP code can exist 
peacefully and benefit from being part of an Elements-built site.

Elements has been used to produce web sites for Fortune 500 clients, 
artists and small businesses.

Elements has been tested on Mac OS9, OSX, Linux Redhat 7 and Windows of 
various flavors.

Elements is donorware.

The source code is available for download.

I'm particularly interested in feedback on the documentation, do the 
docs clearly describe what it does, and how to use it? Would screen 
grabs of Elements code help clarify the process?

I've done some work to extend Elements to the web server. In this 
scenario the developer(s) will edit Elements source files on the web 
server, and when ready, run the Elements process to create a new version 
of the site. If this sounds interesting or useful, please let me know.