ANN: ActivePython 2.3.2 & 2.2.3 bug fix releases

Trent Mick
Fri, 14 Nov 2003 14:01:59 -0800

Bug fix releases for ActivePytyhon 2.3 and 2.2 are now available at:

These releases are:
    ActivePython 2.3.2 build 232 for Windows
    ActivePython 2.3.2 build 231 for Linux and Solaris
    ActivePython 2.2.3 build 227 for Windows
    ActivePython 2.2.3 build 226 for Linux and Solaris

Significant changes include upgrading the Windows installers with Mark
Hammond's latest PyWin32 builds and fixing a bug in the Linux and
Solaris builds whereby Tkinter support was absent. See the release notes
for more information:

ActivePython is ActiveState's quality-assured binary build of Python.
Builds are currently available for Windows, Linux and Solaris.

In addition to the core language, ActivePython features:
    * zlib and bzip2 for data compression;
    * Tkinter for Tk development;
    * a large set of useful Python documentation; and,
    * on Windows, Mark Hammond's PyWin32 extensions,
      including the Pythonwin IDE, support for Python ASP, the PythonCOM

Thanks to all those who submitted feedback and bug reports.  Please
submit email feedback to:
and file bugs against ActivePython at:


Trent Mick
Python Tech Lead -- ActiveState a division of Sophos