Python Database Objects (PDO) 1.2.0 Released

Bryan J Gudorf
Mon, 17 Nov 2003 01:55:47 -0500

    PDO, an open source python module for interfacing with RDBMS (SQL
databases), has now reached 1.2.0!  PDO provides an object oriented API,
similar to that of ADO or JDBC, to python developers.  PDO features column
access by name.  This new release adds support for the cx_Oracle, DB2 and
adodbapi modules, allowing users to use PDO with a variety of database
systems.  9 different DBAPI modules are now supported, allowing for PDO to
be used with almost any RDBMS.  Additional features, such as query
parameters, have also been added in this release, as well as the usual

    PDO is released under a BSD style license.

    PDO supports the following DBAPI python modules and databases:
        MySQLdb  (supports MySQL)
        PySQLite (SQLite)
        pgdb (PostgreSQL)
        kinterbasdb (Firebird, Interbase)
        mxODBC (Many)
        pyDB2 (IBM's DB/2)
        cx_Oracle (Oracle)
        adodbapi (windows only - any RDBMS with an OLE DB provider or ODBC

    As we move forward in this series we will be adding further
and support. Community support and feedback is appreciated so that we can
PDO as useful as possible.
    Downloads for Python Database Objects are available on SourceForge.Net
or for more information please visit

Bryan J Gudorf
~NeuroKode Labs