ANN: PyQwt-3.8

Gerard Vermeulen
Wed, 26 Nov 2003 20:59:24 +0100

PyQwt-3.8 = FAST and EASY data plotting for Python and (Py)Qt.

PyQwt is a set of Python bindings for the Qwt C++ class library which
extends the Qt framework with widgets for scientific and engineering

It supports the use of PyQt, Qt, Qwt, the Numerical Python extensions
(either Numeric, or numarray or both) and optionally SciPy in a GUI
Python application or in an interactive Python session.

The home page of PyQwt is

Main changes in PyQwt-3.8:

1. PyQwt inherits from Qwt the new classes QwtPicker, QwtPlotPicker and
   QwtPicker can make any widget react to events by event filtering.
   QwtPlotPicker is a QwtPicker taylored to the plot canvas.
   QwtPlotZoomer implements infinite deep zooming on the plot canvas.

2. PyQwt inherits from Qwt the support for Qt's rich text format in QwtPlot
   to display equations like E=mc<sup>2</sup>.
   Caveat: in principle, a truetype font with full unicode support is better
   to typeset equations.

3. Bug fixes to support event filtering code (see

4. Conversion of a QImage to a Numeric array or numarray array.

5. Better support for cloning a plot into Grace from the command line
   interpreter friendly plot classes.

6. PyQwt-3.8 works with PyQt-3.8.1 downto -3.6 and Qt-3.2.3 downto -2.3.0.

7. License change: GPL with permission for dynamic linking to commercial,
   educational and non-commercial versions of Qt, PyQt and sip.  In this
   case PyQwt becomes a free plug-in for a non-free program.

Gerard Vermeulen