py_mpgedit SDK 0.1 beta released

Bryan Weingarten
Sat, 29 Nov 2003 03:58:03 GMT

py_mpgedit SDK 0.1 beta has been released.

Download the py_mpgedit SDK:

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py_mpgedit is the mpgedit SDK python extension for Linux and Windows.

mpgedit Software Development Toolkit (SDK) is a library exporting core editing, playback and indexing functionality. It 
edits and plays MP3 files (MPEG 1 layer 1/ 2/3, MPEG 2, and MPEG 2.5 audio files). Using this toolkit, developers can 
create their own MP3 editing applications.

Here is a sample session demonstrating editing and playback of an mp3 file using this extension.  This creates a file 
new.mp3 from seconds 6 to 12 of old.mp3, then plays new.mp3.

 >>> import mpgedit
 >>> spec = mpgedit.Spec()
 >>> spec.append('old.mp3', '6-12')
 >>> mpgedit.Index('old.mp3').index()
 >>> mpgedit.Edit(spec, 'new.mp3').edit()
 >>> mpgedit.Play('new.mp3').play()

mpgedit home page:

mpgedit SDK on freshmeat: