Announce: PythonD 2.2.1 Release 2.1(final) development platform for DOS

Sat, 11 Oct 2003 22:59:53 +0200

PythonD 2.2.1 Release 2.1 (final) is now available for public download at:

This is a stable patch level release.

Many additional modules are also available for download including:
Reportlab 1.15 PDF library
PyHL HDF5 file format library
Gnome LibXML2 and LibXSLT modules (based on LibXML2 2.5.8)
PyXML 0.82
PyNumeric 23.0

If you are using DJGPP, the distribution should be unzipped (with a utility
that will preserve internal directory structure) at your root(top) DJGPP
directory. If you are using networking, be sure to back up critical files
from your %ETC% directory, including 'hosts' and 'wattcp.cfg', is they are
included blank in the distribution, also your ssl directory.

ENHANCEMENTS and FIXES over last (2.0) Release include:

Curses module support for multibyte keys and characters improved.
os.path.dirname and realpath fixed to accomodate '\\' seperator and '/'.
Socketmodule rebuilt with improved SSL libraries. now passes (but of limited usefulness) ported to DJGPP (using bash.exe)
Several new C symbols added to export table
Enabled network packet debugging mode (using '-v' python startup option)
readline history file is now located in same dir as python.exe

I am seeking volunteers to help with parts of the project, particularly with
ideas for OpenGL and porting GTK or TKinter. If you like python and have
interest in porting/maintaining a VGA/SVGA python GUI library standard for
DOS, please contact me :-)