Toronto-area Python user group, Tuesday October 28, 8pm

Peter Hansen
Tue, 21 Oct 2003 11:49:34 -0400

The next monthly meeting of PyGTA, the Toronto-and-area Python user
group, will be held next week at the usual time and place:

- Tuesday, October 28

- from 8 pm to 10 pm

- room 31 of the 519 Church St Community Centre

No specific speakers are lined up yet, although I will probably
be demonstrating Kaval's unittest-based test framework for 
the HC12 CPU, which allows tests written in Python to verify 
code written in C and compiled to machine code for this chip,
using a CPU simulator written in Python.

The usual post-meeting sugar-and-caffeine fest will occur at 
Just Desserts on Yonge.

Last meeting had a near record turnout, with much interesting
discussion, so don't miss out...  see you there!

-Peter and Ian, meeting organizers

P.S.: Out of consideration for the high volume of the comp.lang.python
newsgroup and the mailing list, this will be the last announcement
posted there.  Subsequent ones will go only to the .announce group
and the pygta-announce mailing list.  Unless we get enough requests
to the contrary... if you've been hearing these announcements only
through c.l.p or the Python list, now's the time to subscribe to
our PyGTA announcement mailing list: see for more.