Release of SalStat 20031022, standalone executables for Linux and Windows!

Alan James Salmoni
26 Oct 2003 18:08:03 -0800

This is a quick note to announce a release of SalStat, the
Python/wxPython powered application for scientific statistical
analysis. If you're not sure what this is: just think
SPSS/StatView/SAS (but a bit more basic... for now!)

The 2 new files are stand-alone executables (packaged with the
McMillan installer, and Inno setup for Windows), which means that
users should be able to use SalStat without having to download Python,
wxPython and Numeric. Of course, the source code versions are also
available from the website. This is the first Linux binary version for
almost a year, and the first Windows binary for about 6 months...
(sorry guys, had problems which are now sorted)

The Linux version is about 8MB, and 4MB for Windows. The tar.gz file
for the source code version is half a meg, but you'll need wxPython
and Numeric installed.

Also, I want to announce that I have moved most of the action from the
SunSite website to SourceForge. The website is there
( with all the usual details (though a
few screenshots have yet to be uploaded).

The download page is
The project page is at

I hope you are all well and enjoying programing in Python as much as I

Alan James Salmoni
SalStat Statistics