ANNOUNCE: MojoView 1.0

Jamey Cribbs
Thu, 04 Sep 2003 12:19:28 GMT

MojoView 1.0 is now available at:

What is MojoView?

MojoView is a Python package that assists you in building simple gui
database applications using PyGTK2.  It consists of a set of classes
that you can subclass in your application.  Each class is either a
dialog or a widget that should be placed inside a dialog, along with
supporting code that handles a lot of the mundane details inherant in
most gui database apps.  I think that this package will mostly help
those new to or unfamiliar with developing PyGTK2 applications.
Experienced PyGTK programmers will have probably already developed their
own libraries providing similar or better functionality.

To find out more about MojoView, go to: